Staffing and recruiting companies

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Staffing and recruiting companies

Staffing and recruiting companies help professionals and employers find each other. Thanks to using their services, both parties involved save a lot of time and nerves. Agencies get access to large pools of talents and know the IT industry inside out. They assess job requirements for each position and detect the candidate that fits them 100%.

What does a technical recruiting agency do, step by step?

This is what an agency does when an employer asks it to find a professional with specific skills for them:

  1. Gathers information about the hiring organization, its corporate culture, projects and products. It singles out the strong and weak aspects of the employer.

  2. Technical experts and the personnel department staff of the agency analyze the requirements for the position and compose a skills matrix. This matrix is a profile of a professional who seems to be ideal for the job.

  3. Agency managers identify optimal search strategies for the position. They narrow down the list of tools for research and effective communication. They compile a list of potential donor companies. They determine the platforms where they will advertise the vacancy.

  4. When the short list of the best candidates is ready, the agency gets in touch with them. They show the company’s presentation to candidates, highlight its benefits and explain the essence of the project.

  5. The agency screens the candidates, using the tasks provided by the company.

  6. The client receives the CVs of top applicants.

  7. The company arranges interviews with the professionals that produced the best impression on it.

  8. The employer and the new employee negotiate the terms of their collaboration.

The algorithm for processing the requests of people who’re looking for employment opportunities is based on the same logic.

How much do the services of an IT recruitment agency cost?

The price for an agency’s services depends on multiple factors:

  • How urgent and complex the task is?

  • Is the company an attractive employer?

  • Which tools and methods need to be applied to fulfill the order?

  • How easy is it to find an employee with the required skills and expertise?

The agency will let the client know the price after it reads and analyzes their order.

A staffing company will recommend such a professional to you whom you’ll be able to onboard very quickly. As soon as the person integrates with your workflows, they will begin to bring revenue to you. That’s a more cost-efficient approach than filtering job seekers yourself.

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