Mercedes G-class Edition 550: Exclusive, but only in three colors

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Mercedes G-class Edition 550: Exclusive, but only in three colors

Mercedes-Benz USA is launching a new special edition of the G-Class, which will be produced in a limited edition. However, the choice of colors is also limited.

Now it is not easy to keep up with the Mercedes G-class. In the US, the SUV, which was only available with V8 petrol engines, was unavailable for several months because the people in Stuttgart dropped almost all eight-cylinder models from the lineup. Then at the end of January, the same thing happened in Europe, with orders officially halting because Mercedes couldn't keep up with production due to various supply restrictions, and vehicle delivery dates reached 2024. Finally, Business Insider reported on a major price increase. go. According to the March 22 edition, the base model G 350 d will jump from 104,577 euros to 109,296 euros, while the top model G 63 AMG will jump from 162,703 to almost 181,000 euros.

While G-Class fans in Germany currently have to deal with some bad news, the good news is coming again from America: The G-Class has been on sale there for about a month now. And that's not all: Mercedes-Benz Americas is launching a special edition exclusively for American customers, which will be limited to a maximum run of 200 units. The limited edition designation is G-class Edition 550.

Red, gray or white

For G-Class buyers, a special model facilitates or simplifies a number of decisions. For example, anyone who likes to get hung up on the right color can choose from just one of three different finishes: Jupiter Red, Arabic Gray, and moonlight, recently added to the factory color palette. In addition, each car has V8 written in several places on the body, and below each is a plaque indicating the angular silhouette of an SUV pointing upwards, as well as the corresponding serial number. Inside, the special version awaits its passengers with active multi-contour seats, which are always dressed in two-tone nappa leather with diamond stitching. There are also carbon inserts, and the nameplate just described also flaunts on the center console.

As you might guess from the name, the basis for the special model is the Mercedes G 550. The four-liter V8 biturbo petrol engine corresponds to the configuration of the SUV offered in Europe as the G 500: it has a power output of 422 hp. and provides a maximum torque of 610 Nm. With it, a large four-wheeled SUV accelerates from zero to 96.6 km / h in 5.6 seconds.


If you want to buy a car right now, the chances are really slim. If it's available at all, its price only goes in one direction - up. And how long the delivery time will be is a completely different matter. It is hardly comforting that even people who can afford a Mercedes G-Class face these problems. In the end, they are compensated in the form of an exclusive special model, and ordinary car buyers, after a long wait, receive a contract with a higher purchase price. And since they paid more money, will they get better equipment? Hardly! - Manuals and manuals for self-repair of Mercedes-Benz G-Class foreign cars.

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